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“The Fall” is the first investigative series toplining Gillian Anderson since her career-making turn as Agent Scully in “The X Files.” The Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award winner brings to her role the same intelligence and depth of character that won her millions of fans across the globe.

The miniseries follows the lives of two hunters: high-powered Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson and serial killer Paul Spector, who preys randomly on people in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Brought in as an outsider to run the team, Stella feels a certain hostility, but she knows the psychology of serial killers – and where to look for them. “The Fall” isn’t a whodunit but a will-they-stop him?, since the killer is known to the audience from the start, and the drama gains in intensity through the cat-and-mouse game. The case is explored in all its complexity, and shows how a modern, top-level murder investigation team works when it comes up against every policeman’s worst nightmare.



Season 1: 5 x 60’ or 3 x 90’ HD
Season 2: 6 x 60’ or 3 x 90’ HD

Production Company:

Artists Studio for BBC

Executive Producers:

Allan Cubitt, Justin Thomson-Glover and Patrick Irwin


Gub Neal and Julian Stevens

Written & Created By:

Allan Cubitt


Jacob Verbruggen


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DSI STELLA GIBSON Starring Gillian Anderson

Stella Gibson is a Detective Superintendent in London’s Metropolitan Police who arrives in Belfast to conduct a review into a murder case that has not progressed in the month since the investigation started. She has experience of the kind of high profile and complex case that the Police Service of Northern Ireland are facing, and it is this skillset that ACC Jim Burns believes can be brought to bear. Rising quickly through the police ranks, Gibson has served as a close protection officer and a specialist interviewer before reaching the DSI grade. Her personal life is an enigma, but Gibson is committed to the cause not her loved ones. She is a fighter through and through and anyone not part of the solution is part of the problem. She has a lust for life, forever satisfying all her senses. She has the gifts of beauty, creativity and is visionary. Cursed with a restless mind, the only way Gibson knows how to clear her head is by swimming lengths ferociously. A dream diary that she keeps by her bedside means that every thought is collated; even if they come to her in the middle of the night.

PAUL SPECTOR Starring Jamie Dornan

Paul Spector is the other side of Stella Gibson’s coin. He is a husband and a father but it is his actions that come to define him. He too seeks to control the world around him, but unlike Gibson he wilfully transgresses the very rules of society that she seeks to enforce. His family might induce some sort of feelings of love, but it also provides him with the outward appearance of normality. On the surface at least he is socially competent, persuasive and manipulative. By creating a fantasy, sexual or otherwise, and putting it into action he believes he creates his own highly controlled existential reality, his personal microcosm. He is intelligent - though perhaps not as brilliant as he thinks he is. He works as a bereavement councillor and in fact his unique lack of empathy makes him a superficially competent one. However, it is the activities that he carries out in the shadows of society that reveal Spector’s true character. Paul Spector is a serial killer. His particular prey are young professional women who are not given to giving up control easily. He receives sexual gratification from the complete domination of his victim. This is his addiction, and like any addict he needs more of the drug each time to reach a similar high.


Professor Reed Smith is the pathologist assigned to the case that Gibson investigates. Born in England, she studied medicine in Belfast and has remained ever since. She is Gibson’s contemporary but living her parallel with a husband and two children. As the series progresses we will see a professional friendship and mutual admiration develop between these two women.

ACC JIM BURNS Starring John Lynch

Burns is the Assistant Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Policing here is political and Burns is under increasing pressure from the Chairman of the Policing Board, Morgan Monroe. It was Burns’ idea to bring in Gibson to review the Alice Monroe murder enquiry.


Dani Ferrington is a PSNI patrol officer in her late twenties. Intuitive and sensitive, neither of which are words that could describe her patrol partner Brian Stone, Ferrington is also physical and tough. Given the opportunity to shine, Ferrington grabs it with both hands, so when Gibson invites her into the heart of the investigative unit, Dani is determined to prove her worth.

Sally Ann Spector Starring Bronagh Waugh

Sally Ann is Paul’s wife and mother to their children, Olivia and Liam. She works as a neonatal nurse and while she is caring she is also no-nonsense. Capable and mature, Sally Ann looks at her happiest with a baby in her arms. She enjoyed a rural childhood and has loving and caring parents, CC and John Goodall.


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